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Written translations

In-person interpretation

Interpretation through phone calls, skype or videoconferences 

PUPSF is engaged to defend the right to understand and be understood in schools

We offer a network of volunteers to schools all over France to facilitate communication between the various school authorities and the allophone families who have their children in these schools. 

This project aims to foster a collaboration between families and teachers on which children can rely on to achieve better success and well-being. 


Our volunteers carry out the following missions within schools: 


- translations

- interpretations through phone calls, skype or videoconferences 

- in-person interpretation throughout all of France 

More than 100 volunteers 

Our organisation works with volunteers from all over France to develop this program aiming to provide interpreters 

and translators. Our aim is to ensure equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their origin and background. 

We connect schools and volunteers by promoting civic engagement and by supporting the efforts of our volunteers

in the "An Interpreter at School" program we have established. 

More than 50 langues

As of the 7th May of 2024, our team of volunteer interpreters and translators is able to carry out missions of linguistic assistance in the following languages: 


  • European languages : English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Swedish and Dutch

  • Central European and Oriental Languages: Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian, Polish, Estonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Bulgarian and Romani

  • Languages spoken in North Africa and Middle East: Classical Arabic and dialects (Sudanese, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, North African), Turkish, Kurdish Kurmandji and Kurdish Sorani 

  • Languages of Central Asia and South-East Asia: Chinese, Teochew, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Indonesian, Malaysian, Ourdou, Pachto, Farsi, Turkish and Dari 

  • African Languages : Comorian, Swahili, Pidgin, Yoruba, Sango, Lingala, Soussou, Wolof, Peulh

Partnership Modalities 

Ua convention of partnership is put in place between Pour une Planète sans Frontières and our partners. An annual contribution is required to financially assist our organisation in the recruitment, training and co-ordinating of our volunteers. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can organise a phone conference to discuss potential partnerships. 

Training program given to our volunteers at the Clémenceau secondary school in the Goutte d'Or district of Paris.







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