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A legal expert-linguist for everyone

Pour une Planète sans Frontières can provide you with legal assistance in all the legal disputes linked to your everyday life in France as well as the conditions of entry and residence in France. A legal expert assisted by a translator gives you personalised legal information, suited to your situation. Ask your questions to a legal expert 24/7 by email. Pour une Planète sans Frontières, an international aid association, was created in October 2009 in order to handle some challenges, such as telling the law and making one self understood so that any foreign person, whatever their origins or level of resources, is allowed to defend their rights on the French territory.

Legal assistance

You need a legal expert to answer your legal issues in France in a language you understand.

For example, you have had a visa denial, you have got a question about a term of your employment contract, you are having a legal dispute in your everyday life, you want to start up a business in France

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Hotline 24/7

Contact our team online via email at

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Linguistic assistance

Our team provides you with an interpreter/translator who speaks both French and your language to help you through the process in France.


For example, you need the translation of an administrative letter, you need to be assisted by an interpreter for an appointment, you want to talk with your child’s teacher, you need to fill in a form that you do not understand.


Call on us

To access to all our exclusive services, you need to be a member of our association. We invite you to fill in the membership form or to join online.

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Download our membership form 

Presentation of our legal assistance service to the vice-consuls of Georgia, the Philippines and El Salvador

Lancement de l'application PUPSF JUS dev

Meeting with Madam Consul of Ecuador

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