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PUPSF is pleased to present its


             To tell you a little more about us:

PUPSF is an association law 1901 of international solidarity, created in 2009 which fights to defend the right to understand and to be understood. Our association allows any foreign person to defend their rights on French territory.


Based in Paris, the association has 12 local branches in France: Chambéry, Clermont Ferrand, Grenoble, Poitiers, Rouen, Toulouse, Tours, Metz, Quimper, Rennes, Saint-Brieuc and Lyon.


PUPSF brings together more than a hundred interpreters, lawyers, researchers and volunteers spread over France.

                 The association defends 5 projects:


  • “A lawyer linguist for all”: providing assistance for all problems related to daily life in France.

  • “A lawyer interprets alongside the victims”: fighting to help victims of domestic violence.

  • “Géopolitik”: helping to compile the asylum seeker's file by carrying out personalized research on the geopolitical context of the country of origin.

  • “An interpreter at school”: facilitating communication between the various school authorities and non-speaking families

  • “An interpreter for all”: provides interpreters and translators.



                     Why participate?

Participating in our raffle is a gesture of solidarity , you support us in the fight against the exclusion of foreigners by helping us to finance our projects already in place. But you will also allow us to see bigger because this aid would allow us to design new projects and why not allow us to open new branches in France.


Prizes to be won!

A signed novel by Louis-Philippe Dalembert , Prix Goncourt finalist, Milwaukee Blues  

Invitations to the Quai Branly Museum  

Tickets for Gil Alma 's tour in the provinces  

A card, accompanied by a dedicated video, of the six-time French figure skating champion Maé-Bérénice Méité


                      How to participate ?


To participate it's very simple, you just have to click on the HelloAsso link below and choose the number of tickets you want to buy!  


We then give you an appointment on February 14 on social networks for the announcement of our lucky winners.

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 15.24.27.png

On behalf of the whole team of Pour Une Planète Sans Frontières, we thank you in advance for the precious help you will bring us.

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