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France 2 Télématin, One idea per minute, Sunday broadcast, October 17, 2021

Interview Radio Campus Saint-Etienne with Alexandra Halle , December 17, 2021

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"When you arrive in a country, and even when you speak the language a little, it's not easy to understand your rights". The Quimper Telegram of September 20, 2021

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"We make it a point of honor to recruit people who are as friendly as they are competent. They will have to accompany foreigners to manage sensitive and confidential files." Quimper side of March 24, 2021

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"Lawyers, interpreters and translators volunteer to help foreign people." Ouest France Quimper March 9, 2021

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"One of our objectives is to set up a permanent service, monthly or weekly, with an English-speaking interpreter and why not speaking other languages, accompanied by a lawyer" Ouest France Saint-Brieuc from March 16, 2021

Ouest France Saint Brieuc
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Interview on March 19, 2021 of the founder Alexandra HALLE on Radio Laser Rennes

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Alevtina Tuktarova, manager of our Rouen branch, was received by NRJ ROUEN to talk about the association and its commitment.

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"The rights of women, but also of men and children, are not the same from one country to another. We want to explain to women, as soon as they arrive in France, what the law allows here, what are their rights, in particular." The New Republic on July 30, 2020


"I know what it's like to be a foreign student. I know what problems we are bound to encounter", explains Alevtina Tuktarova, head of the Rouen branch of the association Pour une Planète sans Frontières." Paris Normandy on August 24, 2020

Paris Normandie PUPSF
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"These asylum seekers often need accommodation, but above all they need support and a free interpreting service to facilitate their access to healthcare. The arrival of this association will therefore relieve the structures welcoming migrants and the migrants themselves." Le Dauphiné Released on July 10, 2020

Article Le Dauphiné Libéré Juillet 2020
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"In Auvergne, For a Planet without Borders reaches out to foreign women who are victims of domestic violence" , Article La Montagne, June 5, 2020

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